Appgil offers maintaince and propelling your business from any spot. We put all our strength for your business to be as profitable and as up-to-date as possible. We commit research, develop apps, sites, landing pages, execute marketing of digital assets supported by advertisements and sponsored content"

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Research and Analytics

Our analytics will clear out your customers real needs and will make you bright to fulfill their requests. We've got used to predict even customers' hidden wishes. Your business will appear in a favorable light comparing to other companies. We are analysing the market preciesly, so you are sure to get the profit.


Appgil's developers are highly professional skilled. Wed development is the creation of applications, sites and landing pages that reside on remote servers and are made to serve customers over the internet. Landing pages are designed to convert visitors into a target. We will do the landing page that will work as a bait for customers'needs. We will maintain and controll our products' work and quality.

Affiliate Marketing

You don't need to worry about marketing stragedy any more! Let the professionals do that! Affiliate marketing is a very efficient stragedy of conducting sales. It let's the product owner augment sales by recommending this product. In the role of affiliate can be a well-known bloger or a celebrity. The affiliates get the commission every time someone makes a purchase through the link, that is bined with the affiliates. Our affiliate marketing stragedies work at social media basis, websites or blogs.

Marketing tools

We can not like anything more than an effective stragedy of boosting business. That's why we know everything about marketing. We provide our clients with ppc (pay-per-click) campaigns, which makes an advertiser pay to a publisher the time the link in pressed. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads are the most popular platforms for PPC advertising. Social media serves as a very strong advertising tool and we know how to make the ads there even more profitable and customer-oriented.


Appgil drives revenue from displaying ads. We advertise the product or servise with the help of visual base - pictures or videos. It's a great working stragedy! Display ads are online paid ads, that are usually pictures or photoes, posted on a webside or social media pages. A viewer can click on the picture and be taken to the corrsponding page.

Email marketing

Aware you customers about discounts, new products, sales or other necessary information on email. Keep your customers always warm acoording to your company! They are sure to come again and again if you let them remember you. Even past customers can come to you as you speak directly to them. Let us make the most working email tool for your company and you'll notice new sides of the brilliant!


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